In the modern health system, clinicians and supply chain professionals alike face the same challenge: how to decide on the best medical technology that is safe, efficacious, and cost effective. Manufacturers and sales representatives of new and emerging health technologies offer “evidence” that their product is superior to others in the market. But has the evidence been assessed with scientific rigor? Is it truly unbiased?

Hayes health technology assessments (HTAs) save providers time and resources by providing critical appraisals, performed by experts, of the ever-increasing body of published, peer-reviewed evidence.

But how does Hayes arrive at their industry standard Hayes Rating? How can both clinicians and supply chain/value analysis professionals use the Hayes Rating to assist in their care delivery and value-based purchasing initiatives?

During this presentation, we’ll examine:

  • The link between HTAs and evidence-based decision making
  • The Hayes methodology for conducting HTAs and determining the Hayes Rating
  • How to apply the Hayes Rating to your health technology decision-making process

Additionally, we will review how to apply the methodology using a “case study” format with the featured Hayes report: Adoptive Immunotherapy using Genetically Modified Lymphocytes for Lymphoproliferative Disorders or Hematological Malignancies.

Learn why the country’s leading hospitals and health systems choose Hayes.